What about the new Rolex 2021?

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Some might think this is a nonsense, after all, no matter what the new Rolex product is, it won’t be a worrying sale. But that doesn’t stop us from taking a look at the new Rolex 2021 as a watch enthusiast. Especially after a visit to the Rolex exhibition at Watches & Wonders in Shanghai.

One of the three main points of the new Rolex 2021 is the dial, with the Log 36, the Daytona and the DD all sporting new dials. Among them, the Logbook 36 has a new palm leaf pattern dial for the first time, with the green palm leaf dial model already bursting at the seams. Of all the new Rolex 2021s, this is also my personal favourite. It’s so damn good looking! Although some of us have said that the silver palm leaf dial is more to her liking. A gold palm leaf Fake Rolex Watches dial version is also available. Only the green dial is available in steel, at a nominal price of RMB 55,000.

The other new pitted pattern dial is not as hot as the palm leaf dial, but its elegant tone is still a good match for the Log 36. The design is inspired by Rolex’s iconic pitted bezel, also known to watch enthusiasts as the “dog tooth ring”. This motif is available in white gold and Oyster steel with blue discs for a price of RMB 64,800. All the new Log 36 watches are equipped with the calibre 3235.

The new Daytona also makes a statement on the dial, with a distinctive metallic meteorite dial. This is not the first time a meteorite dial has appeared on a Rolex watch, but when this unique and special dial meets the classic Rolex Daytona, it is not a stone-cold shock, but it is appropriate. The meteorite material requires a great deal of skill to create a dial, and Rolex has mastered this material perfectly, with the intriguing Widmanstätten pattern on the meteorite dial. The white gold, yellow gold and rose gold models all come with a meteorite dial, the cheapest being the white gold model with the Oysterflex rubber strap at a nominal price of RMB 266,300.

In addition to the Diary 36 with its palm leaf and pit motif dial and the meteorite dial of the Diagonal, there is also a stunning day date model with a hematite quartz dial. The hematite quartz dial has a very distinctive effect and seems to have more personality than the meteorite dial. The new watches with this unique dial are available in 40mm and 36mm versions, both in 18ct replica rolex explorer eternal rose gold with diamond-set bezels. The 40mm wide version has square diamond hour markers and the 36mm version has diamond-set Roman hour markers. Both models can be paired as a couple’s watch.

The second watch is the Explorer. 2021 sees the launch of the new generation of Rolex Explorers and the Explorer II. The Explorer retains its iconic classic design, as do the Arabic numerals 3/6/9 on the black lacquered dial. However, the size was reduced to 36 mm and was available in steel or gold. The 36mm may seem a little small to many fans, but it is actually the same size as the watch worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on their first ascent on 29 May 1953.

The inter-gold model has received mixed reviews, with some finding it ugly and others finding it not too bad. Personally, I don’t think it looks as good as the original Black Detective I, but it’s not ugly either. The 36mm size is also controversial and, although historic,Buy luxury Replica Watch it is a little small compared to the original 39mm. I’ve always felt that a 36mm log was the “eternal god”. The new Explorer is equipped with the calibre 3230. The steel model is priced at RMB 50,000; the gold model at RMB 84,500.

The Explorer II is visually unchanged, although the brand says it comes with a new design of case and strap. It is still a 42 mm Oyster steel case. The main change is a new movement. The calibre 3285 inside is chronometer-certified by the Superlative Chronometer, with an average error of plus or minus two seconds per day, and the power reserve has been increased to 70 hours. The new Tan II is still available in black and white, with the brand focusing on the White Tan II. Both have a nominal price of RMB 66,400.

The third major attraction of the new Rolex 2021 is the jewellery setting. Rolex has introduced the Ladies’ Logbook 28 in a fully jewelled version. The new Oyster Perpetual Lady’s Logbook has 1,089 diamonds in the middle case, bezel, dial and head strap replica cartier watches– buling buling is so beautiful. The Full Star Rolex has always been quite popular, and the new ladies’ logbook should attract a lot of rich white ladies.

In addition to the above key new products, Rolex also has some new models that simply change the strap or the bezel is not set with diamonds and so on. For example,luxury replica watches the platinum Ice Blue Dial Log 40 has had the diamond setting removed from the bezel. For example, the black gold Di with a rubber strap, the blue and black circle GMT and the red and blue circle GMT with an Oyster strap. All are some of the usual changes. All in all, Rolex’s new models this year are still “the same”.